Demographic fiasco: death rate in CADO is four times higher than birth rate 12/29/2020 13:08:26. Total views 619. Views today — 0.

The birth rate in the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk oblast is four times lower than the death rate. These are the internal statistics of the "DNR" data, posted by officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhiy Neshchadim on Facebook.

"We continue to publish the "documentation" of the unfortunate "sub-republics" and our reflections on this matter. Today, we will start by unpacking an entertaining archive regarding the population size, its migratory and natural movements. What we noticed was the dramatic difference between births and deaths with a minus sign. Let us call it a "demographic fiasco", even though "Acting Minister of Health" Oprishchenko claims that medicine is at the level. He just forgets to add that it is at the level of bottom", - Neshchadim writes.

In particular, according to the data in tables, 7 227 people were born in the "DNR" during January-October 2020, and 28 287 died, that is, the population decline is 21 060 people.