Gryzlov "did not notice" that "LNR" occupiers would not complete their checkpoint near Shchastya, but traditionally blamed Ukraine 11/26/2020 16:08:47. Total views 783. Views today — 0.

Russia's representative in the Donbas TCG Boris Gryzlov has groundlessly accused Ukraine of disrupting agreements on the opening of new checkpoints in the Donbas, - Russian media report.

"The contact group discussed the propaganda campaign that the Kyiv authorities carried out in the Luhansk oblast, having announced the opening of two checkpoints, and having refused to tentatively agree with CADLO on the procedure for their functioning", - the Russian politician stated.

"The unilateral acts of provocation of Ukraine are aimed at disrupting the agreed opening of the checkpoints", - Gryzlov have once again accused Ukraine.

Meanwhile, checkpoint near the town of Shchastya in the Luhansk oblast was opened from the Ukrainian side on November 10. It is fully equipped with everything you need to comfortably cross the line of contact. The occupation authorities did not manage to equip their checkpoint by this time and are still trying to explain their own failure to be caused by certain violations of Ukraine. As of November 26, separatist checkpoint near Shchastya is still not ready to carry out passage operations. Thus, the daily report of the OSCE SMM notes that the patrol saw on November 25 how "20 workers were using heavy equipment to erect metal steps and 2 metal structures for a public lavatory, they painted metal structures and dug a hole… for a septic tank".

The Mission also saw 11 workers remove vegetation along several sections of the road southeast of the occupant-built checkpoint.

Thus, B.Gryzlov's statements that the mirror opening of checkpoints in the Luhansk region is disrupted due to the fault of Ukraine have no grounds, since the puppet authorities of the "LNR" are physically unable to open their checkpoint at the moment.