"DNR" occupiers admit that explosion occurred at Skochinsky coal mine. Missing miners are still not looking for 11/19/2020 13:38:02. Total views 760. Views today — 0.

Occupation authorities of the "DNR" have admitted that there was an explosion at the Skochinsky coal mine in Donetsk. This is said in the report of the so-called "commission to investigate the causes of the emergency".

It is noted that previously, "a firedamp explosion occurred after the fire had started underground" at the Skochinsky mine in occupied Donetsk.

Three employees of the "Ministry of Emergency Situations" were injured as a result of the explosion.

26 workers were underground at the time of the emergency, 22 of them were evacuated. Four miners have gone missing. They are still not searching for due to the high level gas in the workings.

"After stabilization of the gas situation, a decision will be made to resume prospecting work", - the "commission's" report said.

It is noted that relatives of the missing miners are at the mine. Psychologists are working with them.