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Situation in the area of the Joint Forces Operation on November 16 remained under control, - the JFO headquarters reported. No violations by the armed formations of the Russian Federation were recorded during the day. There is a ceasefire along the entire contact line. Ukrainian defenders do not lose their vigilance and are ready to instantly respond to any provocative actions of the enemy, - the headquarters stressed.

Founder of the terrorist Vostok Battalion Alexander Khodakovsky is in favor of the obligatory conscription of men from CADO to serve in the "DNR" armed gangs. He wrote this on his pages on social networks. "I have consistently advocated universal military obligation. Silly disputes about the terms of service at the top of our government are just an excuse to get away from specifics and freeze the issue. Yes, I go against the opinion of most householders of both sexes this way, - but otherwise, we will not win. Do you want to Russia? But what about the fact that they call up for military service there?", - he expressed his point of view. "The scheme is simple: conscription with the right to switch to a contract basis. The conscripts do not go to operative units, but those who have found themselves in the army can associate life with it and go to defend their "homeland". Slight problem: finally, stop pretending to be a state, but become a state", - he insisted that everyone should serve in the ranks of the "DNR" militants.

Volodymyr Bidyovka, who calls himself "the chairman of the People's Council of the DNR", has groundlessly accused Ukraine of the catastrophic death rate from COVID-19. These accusations were made by the representative of occupation authority of CADO, commenting on the calls of the President of Ukraine to open all checkpoints on the line of contact. According to Bidyovka, "the operation of checkpoints is a direct threat to the lives and health of citizens" against the background of rapidly growing mortality rates in Ukraine. "We understand that the visibility of an "open gate" between the (occupied - OstroV) Donbas and (controlled - OstroV) Ukraine is a trap. An invitation to execution in the truest sense of the word", - Bidyovka is trying to intimidate residents of CADO with allegedly high mortality rate from coronavirus in Ukraine. In fact, it is the occupied part of the Donetsk oblast that demonstrates a steady increase in the death rate from COVID-19. So, the death rate in Ukraine as a whole is 1.77%, and in the controlled territory of Donetsk oblast - 1.3%. At the same time, according to "official" and, with great probability, underestimated data, this figure in CADO exceeded 9%.

8959 cases of a new coronavirus infection have already been identified in the occupied part of Donetsk oblast over the entire period of the COVID-19 pandemic, 812 patients died. These are the data of the fake "DNR Ministry of Health". The "DNR" admitted another 171 new cases of COVID-19 and 85 "ordinary" pneumonias over the day. 21 patients died over the day.

Residents of occupied Horlivka report that there is a ground burning and a soil subsidence in several villages. Blogger "Freethinker" wrote about it. According to eyewitnesses, colliery gas comes out to the surface from the flooded mine workings and burns. "This is happening in Horlivka right now, on the Nyzhniy Khutir village, the residents of which called the Ministry of Emergency Situations squad on November 4 due to the strange "burning" of the soil, an unpleasant smell and holes in the ground. The arriving employees of the Ministry of Emergencies did not give any intelligible answer. The question still remains open", - the residents of Horlivka wrote. "A huge amount of gas comes out from the resulting holes with exhaust, and there is combustion inside the holes, as if a burner on a stove was turned on. Being here, the head starts to ache very much", - eyewitnesses also wrote. "Everything around was on fire despite the fact that it was raining heavily that day - this is how tremendous the temperature is under the ground! Also, there is a strong subsidence of the waste heap in one place and there is also combustion inside", - a resident of Horlivka wrote. The residents also report cracks in their homes in various places around the city. "I also have strong cracks in my house. How long we can hold out - only God knows!", - a resident of Peremoha village wrote. Eyewitnesses are actively discussing this topic: "This is all because of the flooding of mines. That is why the houses in the villages of Oktiabrskyi, Vorobyivka and Schmidta began to develop cracks. Rtutnyi village also have houses with through cracks from the ground subsidence". "This is without the following collapse of drives and levels with the subsequent squeezing water and gases out".

The death of "head of the republican employment center" Tamara Kozenko was reported in occupied Donetsk. This was said in the obituary notice posted on the website of the "employment center" on Monday. Kozenko died on Friday, November 13, at the age of 66. The cause of death was not reported. "Permanent director of the Republican Employment Center of the Donetsk People's Republic, an attentive and sensitive leader, a wonderful woman, a sympathetic person and a loyal friend Tamara Kozenko died on November 13, 2020, at the age of 65, after a protracted illness", - the message said. It also said that Kozenko has worked in this field for over 40 years. There is a state award of Ukraine - the Order of Princess Olga of III Degree - among her regalia.

There was a road traffic accident with three dead in occupied Horlivka. This was reported in the separatist segment of social networks. Eyewitnesses wrote that, allegedly, three workers of the Horlivka district electrical services, presumably intoxicated, crashed into a tree on the Kuznetsova-Zubarieva Street at about 2 a.m. on Saturday, November 14. "The car was torn in half - three people who were in the car were killed", - it was written in social networks.

A road traffic accident with the participation of 8 cars at once occurred on the bridge at the entrance to the center of occupied Yenakiieve. It was written in social networks. Residents of the city note that the first clear ice was formed in Yenakiieve on Monday. The separatist segment of social networks reports that the situation on the roads in CADO is "frankly sad". "The air temperature does not rise above zero, almost all the road sections are covered with ice to one degree or another", - it was written in social networks, specifying that the utility companies did not strew the roads, and many drivers did not change to winter tires. "Several serious accidents have already occurred for these reasons", - eyewitnesses reported.