Russian propaganda spreads fake about Turkey's readiness to take Donbas by storm. "It already deploys" 11/13/2020 16:15:29. Total views 716. Views today — 0.

Russian propaganda has issued completely provocative "news" that Turkey is allegedly deploying its armed forces to Ukraine and is preparing to take the Donbas by storm.

Secondary resources were used to spread this fake. The newsworthy information for the "sensation" about inclusion of the NATO country in war in the Donbas was statement by Director General of Ukrspetsexport Vadym Nozdria that the Defense Ministry was going to purchase 48 Turkish Bayraktar TB2 combat UAVs.

As a result, a number of Russian media released "news" with headlines that Turkey was deploying its armed forces to Ukraine and was preparing to take the Donbas by storm.

However, the matter did not go beyond catchy headlines: in fact, the body of the news does not contain a single confirmation of the declared topic. In particular, a certain AVIA.PRO writes absolutely unfounded text: "After a series of negotiations between Ukraine and Turkey regarding active cooperation in the military sphere, the Turkish military may begin to take the Donbas by storm, as the Turkish authorities have recently announced". Naturally, the Turkish authorities said nothing of the kind, so the "journalists" could not confirm this statement.

Instead, they were very vague about what "is known at the moment about the supply of Turkish weapons to Ukraine".

This refers to the combat UAVs of Turkish production, which the Ukrainian military department intends to purchase.

"Judging by the fact that the Bayraktar TB2 combat unmanned aerial vehicles have proven themselves in the Caucasus, the situation is not developing in favor of the self-proclaimed "republics"… If Ankara decides to help Kyiv, Ukraine may gain complete control over the Donbas", - a certain "analyst" draws the unconfirmed conclusion.