Occupiers of "DNR" sentence another "spy" to 10 years of strict regime 10/12/2020 16:18:55. Total views 669. Views today — 1.

The occupiers have sentenced a resident of CADO to 10 years in a high-security prison, allegedly, for espionage. This was reported in the so-called "DNR Prosecutor General's Office".

It is noted that the man was allegedly recruited by a Ukrainian security officer in August 2016 and began to carry out his assignments. According to the occupiers, he collected and transmitted to the SBU information about the location of units of the so-called "people's militia" (illegal armed formations of the "DNR" - OstroV), the organization and provision of protection of these objects, as well as about a change in the operational situation there, from August 25, 2016 to January 2, 2018".

As a result, the so-called "Appeals Chamber of the DNR Supreme Court" sentenced the man to 10 years in a high-security prison.