Russia boorishly pushes subjectivization of CADLO at talks in TCG - Harmash 08/20/2020 18:31:46. Total views 765. Views today — 0.

The Russian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group is pursuing a tough course towards turning CADLO into a subject of negotiations to resolve the conflict in Donbass. This was stated by representative of the occupied territories in the TCG Serhiy Harmash on his Facebook.

"Russia is harshly, I would say, boorishly pushing the political subjectivization of CADLO. All its actions, including the ceasefire, are aimed only to legitimize the cancerous tumor of the "Russian World" in the body of Ukraine. This was especially noticeable at the TCG yesterday", - he commented on the progress of the trilateral negotiations.

According to him, representatives of Russia are openly talking about a certain "CADLO delegation", although representatives of the occupied Donbass from the "DNR/LNR" puppet authorities are not members of the TCG and, accordingly, cannot have any delegation there".

"The TCG has only INVITEES by the Russian delegation. Moscow was ashamed to even make them members of the Russian delegation", - Serhiy Harmash recalled.

He called the position of Russia as an observer, and not a participant in the process of settling the armed conflict to be another indicator of the course towards subjectivization of the invited representatives of CADLO. In particular, according to him, the Russian delegation declares that "it will accept any consensus decision, an agreement on which will be reached by the delegations of CADO-CALO and Ukraine".

The representative of CADLO on behalf of internally displaced persons calls a dangerous tendency that "this obvious contradiction to the Minsk agreements is not noticed by the OSCE and its Western partners". "We diplomatically "stomach" it for the sake of preserving the very possibility of a peaceful dialogue and support of the West", - Harmash notes.

"Minsk has been turned upside down. We are treading not only on self-respect, but also on simple logic. I have no factual grounds not to trust the leadership of the Ukrainian delegation and the Office of the President; there is no reason to say that we really succumb to this pressure. On the contrary, despite some ambiguous statements and actions, I urge not to make snap judgments. But looking at the frankly boorish behavior of the side that blocked the constructive dialogue and based on the experience of the latest political concessions in the form of a decision on the "Advisory Council " and the "Steinmeier Formula", I have reason to worry, as if in pursuit of tactical victories, we did not come to a strategic defeat", - he fears.

Serhiy Harmash noted that all the considerations and concerns expressed by him are only his personal point of view. "This is the position of not only a participant in the negotiations, not only a citizen of Ukraine, it is also the position of a resident of Donbass, that is, the one for whom the Minsk negotiations are supposedly held. And as a resident of Donbass, thrown out of my home because of political convictions under penalty of death, I regard the behavior of the Russian Federation at the Minsk negotiations as frank and demonstrative rudeness… I will not prove black is white!", - he explains his position.

"I appeal to the OSCE and Western partners. If you really want a peaceful dialogue, and not creation of the basis for a real civil conflict, do not close your eyes to the fact that the Minsk process has been turned into a farce. If the TCG is Russia, Ukraine and the OSCE, then the dialogue should be conducted between the members of the TCG, and not between the avatars of the Russian Federation from Donetsk and Luhansk, who decide nothing, and therefore, are not responsible for their actions", - S.Harmash sums up.