Russian occupiers try to recruit resident of Lviv "in basement of DNR" - SBU 08/10/2020 16:00:37. Total views 620. Views today — 0.

The counterintelligence service of the Security Service of Ukraine in the Lviv region has recorded the fact of recruiting a Ukrainian woman by representatives of the Russian special services, - the SBU press center reports.

It was established that while visiting her relatives in temporarily occupied Donetsk, the Lviv woman was illegally detained by the militants, allegedly, under the pretext of document examination. After that, she was sent to the so-called "DNR Ministry of State Security", where she was demanded to agree to confidential cooperation to the detriment of Ukraine's state security. The militants used psychological pressure and threats for this end.

As envisioned by the curators, she was supposed to collect information for representatives of the special services of the Russian Federation about the connections of family members of the Ukrainian military personnel from the western regions of our country, which come to the territory of the Donetsk oblast.

Upon arrival at the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, the woman voluntarily reported to the SBU Directorate in the Lviv oblast about the fact of illegal detention and attempted recruitment.

The Security Service of Ukraine reminds that according to Part 2 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, a citizen of Ukraine is exempted from criminal liability if, in pursuance of a criminal assignment of a foreign state, a foreign organization or their representatives, he/she did not commit any actions and voluntarily declared to the state authorities about his/her connection with them and about the task received.