"DNR" occupiers recognize 48 new cases of COVID-19. It is reported that almost all of them are local. Not "from Ukraine" 08/06/2020 15:28:23. Total views 683. Views today — 0.

Occupiers of the "DNR" have recognized 48 new cases of COVID-19 coronavirus infection over the past day. This is said in the report of the so-called "Ministry of Health".

It is noted that three cases were detected in arrivals from the controlled part of Ukraine and 1 – from the Russian Federation.

Other cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in persons who have been earlier in contact with the diseased, of which 10 are medical workers.

3 deaths were also registered – a man aged 60 years and women aged 92 and 62 years.

In total, according to the occupiers, as of 11:00, 1914 cases of COVID-19 have been recorded since the beginning of the pandemic.

It is reported that 943 patients are being treated, 860 people were discharged, and 111 – died.

According to the fake "ministry", coronavirus infection was allegedly detected in 85 people who arrived from the territory controlled by the legal authorities of Ukraine starting from June 25, 2020.