Former "people's governor" Gubarev acknowledged that "Russian spring" was started by "external forces" 03/09/2016 22:22:01. Total views 1362. Views today — 0.

Former "people's governor" of Donetsk region Pavel Gubarev acknowledged that "Russian Spring" in Donbass was possible only due to outside interference. He said that in an interview with the Novorossia separatist newspaper as of March 3rd.

When asked about the possibility of activating the anti-Ukrainian demonstrations in Odessa, Gubarev said that this could happen only in the case of "organizing force of attraction from the outside."

"As here (in Donbass - OstroV) and there (in Odessa - OstroV) you cannot rely on regional, municipal elite ... The base will be again built on the principle of support of the masses and attracting organizing force from the outside", - he honestly acknowledged factor interference of representatives of other state in the internal affairs of Ukraine.

"What we did: Bezler arrived, then Strelkov (Russian saboteurs and terrorists - OstroV)," - reminded Gubarev scenario of "Russian Spring" in Donbass.

That is an option, he said, for the development of anti-Ukrainian actions in Odessa: "First of all, you need to rely on the same veche democracy, the opinion of the masses, who will have to go outside. It is necessary to bring organizing force to the masses... There is no other exit than to bring the structure from the outside."

Asreported by OstroV, on April 12, 2014 unknown Igor Girkin (Strelkov) came from Russia to Slavyansk with a unit of subversives. His subversive groups captured the city police department and the SSU, and Girkin declared himself "the acting commander of the militia of the DPR." Later, he admitted that the bloody war would not have started in Ukraine without his squad. "I pushed the trigger of war. If our unit hadn’t crossed the border, everything would have come to an end as in Kharkov or Odessa. It would have been a few tens of dead, burnt and arrested people. And this would have ended. A little flywheel of the war that is still going on, was triggered by our unit,"- he said in an interview to Zavtra right-wing radical newspaper.