Thursday results in the occupied territories of Donbass. The highlights 07/31/2020 12:00:00. Total views 765. Views today — 0.

Situation in the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation on 30 July remains fully controlled. Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other components of the defense forces continue to carry out their tasks as intended, - the JFO headquarters reported. No enemy shelling was recorded in the zones of responsibility of the majority of combat brigades. Two facts of non-observance of the "silence" mode by the enemy since the beginning of the current day have been taken into account. The enemy's fire provocations were unaimed, therefore our soldiers did not open fire in response. There are no losses because of the enemy shelling.

Occupation authorities of the "DNR" intend to open the Olenivka checkpoint on the line of contact on Friday, July 31. This was said in the message of a certain "interdepartmental headquarters" that independently decides on the opening and closing of free movement. It was noted that the Olenivka checkpoint would allow citizens to pass from 9:00 to 18:00 for entry and exit. All previous restrictions remain. In particular, it is necessary to obtain permission from the aforementioned "operational headquarters" to enter the zone of occupation. All the arrivals are forcibly sent for a two-week observation. To leave CADO, the occupiers demand to show a registration on the territory of free Ukraine. That way, those officially registered in the occupied territory of the Donetsk oblast remain restricted to travel abroad.

Nine people live in a tent of Ukrainian rescuers at the Novotroitske checkpoint for the third week, awaiting a pass to the temporarily occupied territory. This was reported by head of the Proliska humanitarian mission Yevhen Kaplin on his Facebook. Due to the absence on the lists of the so-called "DNR operational headquarters", people cannot cross the Novotroitske checkpoint towards the territory not controlled by Ukraine. It was indicated that most people have not been able to pass the checkpoint for the third week – since July 13, when they had to spend the night at the passenger shelter in front of the checkpoint in the open air. The humanitarian mission team delivers food to people every day.

Occupation authorities of the "DNR" recognized 18 new cases of COVID-19 over the past day. This was said in the report of the fake "Ministry of Health". It noted that 1728 cases of COVID-19 infection were registered and confirmed on the territory of CADO as of morning on July 30. 100 deaths were recognized, which is one more than the data provided for the previous day.

Occupation authorities of the "DNR" admitted that they had no excess flour that could be exported to Russia. This follows from the message of the fake "Ministry of Agro-industrial Policy and Food". It was noted that a certain specialized interdepartmental commission establishing "quotas for the export of wheat flour of all sorts outside the territory of the "republic" had decided to ban the "export" of bread "to Russia and other countries except Ukraine" for the next three months.

"Deputies" of the so-called "People's Council" of the "LNR" adopted a "law" "on the management and disposition of property of the Luhansk People's Republic", separatist media wrote. "The relevance of adoption of the law is caused by the need to establish the possibility of free use of property that previously belonged to trade unions and all-Ukrainian non-governmental organizations, including those uniting disabled people and professional creative workers who have not passed state registration on the territory of the LNR, for organizations of a similar direction, created and registered in accordance with the legislation of the republics", - representative of the so-called "ministry" of justice of the "LNR" Anna Aviltseva stated. "The law expands the list of property owned by the Luhansk People's Republic, as well as augments the list of subjects to whom the LNR property can be transferred for free use", - the "official" also informed.

The Luhanskvoda enterprise, controlled by the "LNR" militants, cut the water supply to three cities, as well as to the villages of the Perevalsk district, due to an accident at the water pipe, separatist media wrote. The occupiers reassure that the shortage of water would be "no more than 50%".