"It’s not Broadway, of course." They want to allocate land for the ATO soldiers in the swamp near the landfill in Mariupol 03/03/2016 20:58:00. Total views 1085. Views today — 0.

Administration of land resources in Mariupol offers to allocate land for the ATO soldiers near the city landfill on marshland in Azovstal plant sanitary zone. This was reported by the deputy of the Mariupol city council Maksim Borodin, - reports Mariupol-Express.

"Look, what a wonderful place for state-guaranteed plots of land for ATO participants have prepare not fully lustrated "experienced managers" prepared. If you look on the left - railway carries raw materials for Metinvest and fine acting city dump. If you look straight – white smoke from the great lime-firing plant. If you look on the right -the favourite plant steams. There is a swamp and waste water under your feet. Yes, the sanitary zone is at hand. What else is needed for the rehabilitation of soldiers? "- Borodin wrote on his Facebook page.

According to him, today it is important for officials of the administration headed by Dmitriy Titov to allocate 200 thousand UAH for the development plans and then "they can always say: " Don’t you want to take? Well, we're offering you!"

"Well, what? As one of the officials said at the coordination council It’s not Broadway, of course..." Well, maybe Dmitry Titov can’t find another free land for our defenders! Maybe he needs or another good man...," - concludes Mariupol deputy from Sily luydey.