Occupiers of "LNR" state dismissal of 1300 miners. Labor market promises to help with job search 05/14/2020 19:00:53. Total views 764. Views today — 0.

The "LNR" occupation authorities have announced the dismissal of nearly 1300 coal mining workers due to the closure of a number of mines. This was reported by calling herself "Minister of Labor and Social Policy" Svetlana Malakhova.

The "Ministry of Labor and Social Policy" together with the "Ministry of Fuel, Energy and Coal Industry" conducted an analysis of the workers dismissed. Today their number is 1290 people", - she said.

According to the "minister", the Social Insurance Fund is ready to provide more than four thousand vacancies for their employment.

Earlier, the fake "LNR government" announced a program to reorganize the coal industry, which provides for the mass closure of "unprofitable" mines.