Russia refuses withdraw troops from Ukraine in exchange for lifting sanctions 04/08/2020 15:06:30. Total views 736. Views today — 0.

Russia will not change its position regarding the withdrawal of its troops from the Donbass and the de-occupation of Crimea. This was announced to journalists on Wednesday by press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, - TASS reports.

Peskov commented on the statement of ex-American ambassadors to Ukraine that the situation with coronavirus and falling oil prices could make Moscow change its position on the Donbass and give Crimea to Ukraine.

"This point of view (about a possible change in the position of the Russian Federation) is unrealistic, even absurd to a great extent", - Peskov noted.

According to him, "Russia cannot leave the territory of Donbass, as it never entered it".

"As for the Crimea, there is no "if" or "when", Crimea is part of the Russian Federation with all the ensuing consequences", - he noted.

As previously reported, the former U.S. ambassadors to Ukraine proposed lifting international sanctions against Russia in the context of the COVID-19 in exchange for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine and the return of Crimea. Russia does not recognize its participation in the Donbass war and deny the illegality of annexation of the Crimea for the seventh straight year. The position of Russia is not supported by the international community.