Yanukovych is ready to return to Ukraine as president - lawyer 03/01/2016 17:49:48. Total views 1172. Views today — 0.

Viktor Yanukovych is ready to return to Ukraine as head of the state. The lawyer of the fugitive ex-President Vitaliy Serdyuk told about that, - reports Glavkom.

"He has intentions to return to Ukraine and legal steps will be taken to do that. Yanukovych hasn’t resigned from the post of the President and ruling the country. The procedure of his dismissal was carried out with gross violations of the Constitution of Ukraine," - said Serdyuk.

The lawyer said that Yanukovych was not listed as international wanted and could easily move around the world, "but there is a threat to his life."

"There is still a threat to his life due to the reluctance of the GPU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to investigate the assassination and to bring to justice the perpetrators," - said Yanukovych’s lawyer.