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In the area of the Joint Forces Operation on April 6, the armed formations of the Russian Federation violated the ceasefire once, using weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements again, - the press center of the JFO headquarters reported. The occupiers used 82-mm mortars - eight mines, armament of infantry fighting vehicles and an anti-tank missile system against our defenders. Thanks to skillful actions, the Ukrainian military avoided casualties among the personnel and stopped the enemy provocation with aimed fire. Losses of the opponent are being specified. There were no cases of coronavirus infection among the Joint Forces personnel. The situation in ​​the JF operation area remains controlled.

The so-called "Ministry of Health of the DNR" recognized two more new cases of coronavirus infection in the territory of the "republic". One of the cases of infection was detected when a sick man crossed the so-called Debaltseve "customs post", created by the occupiers "on the border with the LNR". The patient had an elevated body temperature during examination - 38 degrees. The second patient returned from Russia on April 1 and was in self-isolation.

The "DNR" occupation authorities accused former "Minister of Transport" Igor Andryienko and "Director General of the Republican Fuel Company" Igor Badusev of embezzlement of more than 17 million rubles. Details of the criminal activities of fake "officials" are contained in the message of the so-called "MIA". It was noted that the "minister" and "general director" were detained in 2018. The occupation authorities report that their former associates get a total of about 50 million rubles through fictitious enterprises. The suspects, whose cases have been referred to the "court", face up to 20 years in prison", - the "MIA" stated.

A number of private houses and apartments in occupied Makiivka underwent disinfection and decontamination. This was reported by the so-called "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNR". "Makiivka city, Kirovskyi, Central City and Hirnytsky districts, residential premises and vehicles - disinfection and decontamination", - the report said. It was specified that 10 private houses, 17 apartments and 3 vehicles were disinfected. The report does not specify what such events are associated with.

Occupied Antratsyt and Khrustalny (formerly Krasnyi Luch), where restrictions were imposed due to the spread of coronavirus, have a sufficient amount of food and medicine. This was stated by the "heads of administrations" of settlements blocked by the militants, separatist media wrote. Earlier, the so-called "Minister of Health of the LNR" Natalia Pashchenko stated that four cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the "LNR", three of them are conveyed by residents of Antratsyt and Khrustalny. The "authorities" imposed restrictions on the movement of people and transport in these cities, with the exception of specialized, emergency and transport for the delivery of products to stores. Now the "police" posts are set at the entrances and exits from cities.