Zelensky convokes NSDC to discuss closure of borders because of coronavirus 03/13/2020 12:55:13. Total views 807. Views today — 0.

The Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine will discuss the issue of border closure at today's meeting. This was announced today by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky at an extraordinary session of the Cabinet of Ministers today, - correspondent of OstroV reports.

"There will be the NSDC meeting after the government session, where the state's action plan will be discussed and implemented. The issue of coronavirus is quite topical… We will discuss the issue of border closure and the issue of air communication with a number of countries", - he stated.

According to him, the issue of providing the necessary funds to hospitals and pharmacies will be discussed.

"It is about masks and rapid tests. There are things that you cannot make money on – these are war and people's health… We will have a separate conversation with the manufacturers and suppliers", - Zelensky noted.

3 cases of infection with Chinese coronavirus were recorded in Ukraine. The last two cases became known on the evening of March 12. COVID-19 was confirmed for a woman of retirement age from the Zhytomyr oblast and a man from the Chernivtsi oblast, whose wife was in Italy for the past 14 days.

A resident of Chernivtsi was first with the disease. He returned with his wife after a trip to Italy.