The "DNR" is actively working to develop its own "navy" – Tymchuk 02/29/2016 20:37:19. Total views 3130. Views today — 0.

The command of the terrorist organization "DPR" is actively working to develop its own "navy". This was reported by deputy of Ukraine, coordinator of the Information Resistance group Dmitry Tymchuk on Facebook.

The so-called "Azov flotilla of the DPR" was "officially" created in May 2015 - it included 5 fishing boats and pleasure boats that militants called "combatant boats", - wrote Tymchuk.

According to the report, there are 7 of such "combat units", 3 more units are being preparing for the commissioning to the "combat strength" at the moment. Organizational and staffing processes are currently activated with addressing the issue of replenishment of the "flotilla" seafarers due to Russian support.

So, Novoazovsk ("main base"), Sedov and Bezimennoye have been determined as basing points of the "Azov flotilla of the DPR".

In addition, the report said, the leaders of the "DPR" negotiate with Moscow on the transfer of boats from the FSB Border Service of the Russian Federation to the "flotilla". Militants’ queries, which Moscow considers, comprise 3 units of relatively new Russian patrol boat of the project of 12150 "Mongoose" and 1 unit of new border patrol boat of the project of 12200 "Sable" (both types of boats are used by the Coast Guard Border FSS of the Russian Federation).

A unit of "marines" is also being formed in the "Azov flotilla of the DPR" - according to the IR group, due to forces of the former 9-th separate motorized rifle regiment of the 1st AC of the DPR.