Greek police releases ex-commander of Aidar Battalion detained by Interpol on Russian denunciation 03/03/2020 17:33:24. Total views 819. Views today — 1.

The Greek police has released former battalion commander of the volunteer Aidar Battalion, ex-people's deputy Serhiy Melnichuk, who had previously been detained by Interpol on denounciatuon of Russia. This was reported by the detainee himself, - journalist Andriy Pavlovskyi writes in his Telegram Channel.

The ex-deputy reported that he was accused of killing two people in the Rostov oblast of Russia, although he fought against Russian aggression in the Ukrainian Donbass.

"The Embassy of Ukraine worked. The lawyer sent all the documents on time", - Melnychuk told.

According to his wife, a lot of mistakes were made in the report of the Russian Federation. In particular, it is indicated that her husband has Russian passports, and he was born in Vinnytsia. In fact, the former battalion commander does not have Russian documents, did not travel to the territory of the Russian Federation and his hometown is Zhytomyr.