Netherlands debar Russia right to judge Russian citizens accused of destroying MH17 craft 02/13/2020 13:29:49. Total views 734. Views today — 0.

The Netherlands have rejected Moscow's offer to prosecute three Russians suspected of involvement in the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in courts of Russian jurisdiction. It is reported by European Pravda with reference to RFERL.

Dutch Justice Minister Ferd Grapperhouse stated on February 12 that Moscow had sent a letter in October 2019 asking the Netherlands to consider transferring the criminal prosecution of three suspects to Moscow.

"The Ministry of Justice and Security replied that the transfer of criminal proceedings against the three Russian suspects by the Dutch authorities is not an option and was not taken into account", - Grapperhouse wrote in a letter to the parliament.

The trial of the suspects "is an important step in establishing truth and justice for all 298 victims of flight MH17 and their relatives", - Grapperhouse said.

"The government is fully confident in the independence and quality of Dutch justice", - he stressed.

It is believed that three Russian citizens and the fourth suspect, a citizen of Ukraine, live in Russia.

The Netherlands are leading an international investigation into the July 17, 2014 crash of the flight MH17, which killed all 298 people on board. About two thirds of the victims were citizens of the Netherlands.

In 2016, the joint investigation team announced that the Buk missile system used to bring down the aircraft arrived from Russia, and then in May 2018, concluded that the 53rd Russian anti-aircraft missile brigade transported the Buk in Ukraine and from Ukraine in 2014. Russia denies any involvement in the disaster. The first hearing in MH17 is scheduled for March 9 at the High Security Courthouse building not far from the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.