A new subunit of the Armed Forces of Russia came to Donbass – Muzhenko 12/07/2015 16:56:50. Total views 1193. Views today — 0.

A new Russian subunit of the Russian Armed Forces have recently arrived in Donbass. The head of the General Staff Viktor Muzhenko reported about that in his interview with Focus.

"Recently there was operative information on the unit with a rhombus and the number 29 on its military equipment entering the territory of Ukraine. I will not say what unit it is but this is part of the Russian Armed Forces", - said Muzhenko.

"Russia has still not recognized the fact of bringing its regular troops to the territory of Ukraine. There are still Russian troops on the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which Russia does not recognize. Although they go with their chevrons and equipment", - added he.