ATO forces captured Russian weapons of militants after an overnight battle near Zaytsevo 02/26/2016 05:42:39. Total views 1195. Views today — 0.

ATO forces reconquered the attack near Zaytsevo, as well as captured and seized a large number of militants’ weapons produced in Russia. It is reported by the press center of the ATO headquarters onFacebook.

It is noted that the battle near the Zaytsevo village (Donetsk region) lasted the whole night.

"One of the battalion, subordinated to the brigade, dealt with assault clashes which began in the evening and lasted almost until morning. Enemy infantry started an offensive under the cover of machine guns and grenade launchers. Brave and courageous Ukrainian troops could moved further than militants. Hostile trophies were captured at the site of the positions abandoned by Russian mercenaries from where they started to attack Ukrainian positions. They were anti-tank guided missile designed to destroy tanks and armored vehicles, their smaller analogue Shmel, flamethrowers produced in 2000 There is evidence that they were produced in Russia, as they are properly labeled and in operational service with the Russian army. The situation once again proves that the armed aggression of Russia in Donbass continues. Russia initiated, finances, equips and runs it,"- said the statement.

It is reported that the battalion commander hoped that the fighters who captured Russian trophies would be recommended to awards.