"DNR" propagandists state Ukraine has struck out unnamed supporters from exchange lists 12/24/2019 16:45:59. Total views 702. Views today — 0.

The so-called "DNR" has stated that Ukraine violates the terms of the prisoner exchange agreement by changing the lists of supporters of the "republic", ready for extradition. This is reported by separatist media with reference to "human rights ombudsman" of the so-called "DNR" Daria Morozova.

"Ignoring the communiqué signed at the end of the Normandy format summit, where the formula for exchanging "all for all" was clearly indicated, the Ukrainian party unilaterally changed the lists and deleted the retained supporters of the "republic" from the exchange process. Such actions are unacceptable and suggest the idea of ​​a conscious attempt to disrupt the exchange of the persons held", - Morozova stated.

She did not specify whom exactly the Ukrainian party had crossed out.

Perhaps, we are talking about the Berkut ex-soldiers, accused of executing protesters on the Maidan. According to the media reports, they were being prepared for the exchange according to the "DNR/LNR" lists, but on Tuesday, the Svyatoshynskyi District Court of Kyiv left them in custody. A new court hearing is scheduled for January 14.  

Lawyers of Berkut did not confirm the information that their clients could be on the exchange lists. "The information regarding the exchange is now at the level of rumors", - lawyer Stefan Reshko stated.

In addition, Daria Morozova previously claimed that only seven of the 22 people included in the exchange list want to return to the occupied territories of the Donetsk oblast.

As previously reported, Ukraine agreed at a video conference of the Minsk Trilateral Contact Group that the exchange of prisoners will take place before the New Year.