"DNR" residents scared by rumors about "truth commission" created by Ukraine for "cleansing the Donbass" 12/05/2019 15:09:11. Total views 637. Views today — 0.

Rumors and fakes about the creation of the "truth commissions" in Ukraine, the powers of which will include determining who of the residents of the occupied territories of Donbass is separatist and terrorist, are being spread in the so-called "DNR". Separatist media write about this, referring to the "opinions" of local residents.

"At first, the NSDC's plan to deport our people from their native land to western and central Ukraine was announced, then President Zelensky himself openly told the German media that the residents of the Republics "lost their way". Recent intentions of Kyiv cannot cause anything but deep disgust of the residents of Donbass, which is why they should, in a best-case scenario, be evicted to Russia and, possibly, punished in a more severe way. The "truth commissions" created by Kyiv will decide this. Some so-called "experts" from Ukraine and Western countries will decide in their discretion who of us is "separatist" and who is "terrorist". "Someone will be lustrated following these "checks", and someone - arrested", - certain "student" Svetelnitskiy stated.

As previously reported, the "DNR" propagandists intimidated residents of occupied Donbass with the threat of imprisonment in "private pre-trial detention centers" after the restoration of Ukrainian power in CADLO. The reason for the appearance of the next propaganda bugbear was an interview with Minister of Justice of Ukraine Denys Maliuska, in which plans for the format of operation of private pre-trial detention centers in Ukraine were mentioned. The "DNR" propagandists began to impose the idea on the residents of the occupied territories that the creation of private pre-trial detention centers in Ukraine had been resolved, that they would isolate the residents of CADLO, who will have to pay for their maintenance in these fairly comfortable institutions at their own cost.

In addition, fake information about the existence of "secret plan" of the NSDC is being spread by separatist media for about a month, according to which the "DNR/LNR" residents will either be deported to Russia, or the central and western regions of Ukraine "for rehabilitation".