Supreme Court finds expulsion of Saakashvili from Ukraine legal 11/20/2019 14:09:07. Total views 1020. Views today — 1.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the actions of law enforcement agencies and border guards, who expelled ex-president of Georgia and ex-head of the Odessa oblast Mikheil Saakashvili to Poland, were legal. The press service of the Supreme Court reports about this on Facebook.

"The Supreme Court dismissed Saakashvili's cassation appeal in the case of his lawsuit against the State Border Guard Administration, the State Migration Service, and the Ministry of the Interior for invalidating and canceling the decision and taking readmission of the plaintiff to the Republic of Poland", - the statement said.

As reported, the Supreme Court issued this decision on November 19.

Let us recall that Mikheil Saakashvili requested that the actions of the authorities that expelled him from Ukraine to the country of his previous stay be unlawful.

By its decision, the Supreme Court upheld the decision of the courts of previous instances, which also recognized the return of Saakashvili to Poland as legal.

The decision comes into force from the moment of its adoption, is final and not subject to appeal.

As previously reported, the military prosecutor's office opened a case on the appeal of Saakashvili on his expulsion from Ukraine.