European Commission believes that fair elections in CADLO are not yet possible 11/19/2019 15:18:24. Total views 946. Views today — 0.

Special Representative of the President of the European Commission for Ukraine Elmar Brok believes that now there are no conditions for holding free elections in the temporarily occupied part of Donbass. He spoke this in an interview with European Pravda.

"First of all, there will be no fake elections, unless Ukraine agrees to them. For example, now there are no conditions for them, because there is clearly not enough troop deployment in these small sections (in Petrovske and Zolote - ed.) and exchange of prisoners", - he said.

He added that the elections are possible only after a number of conditions have been met, including Kyiv's control over the border with the Russian Federation.

"In order to talk about the elections, the control over the external border should be established, the media issue should be resolved, something should be decided with the right to vote of people who left the Donbass, and many other issues", - the Special Representative of the President of the European Commission noted.

He emphasized that establishing border control is a matter of negotiation.

"How exactly to do this is a matter of negotiation. Now there is an idea of joint control of the border by Ukraine and the OSCE on the table. The issue of the border control for Ukraine is a matter of sovereignty", - Elmar Brok noted, not predicting when the opportunity to hold free elections in the occupied territory can appear.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadym Pristayko earlier stated that he accepted compromises on the issue of establishing control over the Ukrainian-Russian border in the Donbass before the local elections are held there.