Prystaiko admits holding elections in CADLO without Ukraine's control over border 11/14/2019 16:38:14. Total views 703. Views today — 1.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko accepts compromises on the issue of establishing control over the Ukrainian-Russian border in the Donbass before the local elections are held there. He stated this in an interview with BBC.

"The last item from what is written in the Minsk agreements is control over the border. Although our previous president stated that it was just a list without a chronological order. Sorry, but if it is written down step by step, which is being done hourly, it is considered to be chronology", - he answered the question whether it is important that the border control was Ukrainian at the time of the elections.

Along with this, the minister asks not to muddle together "Ukrainian control over the border and control over the border".

"You should not muddle together Ukrainian control over the border and control over the border. After all, you can come to the formula during the negotiations when the control over the border occurs jointly, for example, by Ukraine and the OSCE", - Prystaiko noted.

The Foreign Minister also proposed to expand the observation mission to the entire Ukrainian-Russian border, so that "someone, except the Russians, controlled this border".

"You know that there are two missions on the territory of Ukraine - the OSCE SMM and another observation mission, which is located at two checkpoints on the border between Ukraine and Russia. One of the ideas was to expand this mission to all 400 kilometers of the border "by means of technical means, drones and cameras. This is not what we want, because we want our AFU and border guards to leave, but this is the first step for someone other than Russians to control this border", - he said.