Fulfillment of all obligations of "Minsk" is another condition for Normandy format meeting according to Kremlin 11/12/2019 15:11:05. Total views 706. Views today — 0.

Holding the Normandy format meeting requires the fulfillment of "all the obligations that the parties assumed in Minsk". This was reported to journalists by press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, - Russian TASS reports.

According to him, Moscow is now focused on issues related to the preparation of the Normandy format summit. "At present, we are all focusing on preparing for the Normandy format processes, for this, of course, all the obligations that the parties assumed in Minsk must be fulfilled", - Peskov said.

According to him, the meeting of Presidents of Russia and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky would not be of great benefit without its thorough preparation. "Putin himself said that he never refuses such meetings and this meeting too, but he believes that a meeting for the sake of the meeting will bring little benefit, it should be well prepared", - the Kremlin spokesman stated. "There are still quite large reserves for this homework", - Peskov said.

Earlier, Russia put forward a condition for a meeting between the leaders of Ukraine and the Russian Federation - to sign the so-called "Steinmeier formula", another condition is disengagement of forces and means in Zolote and Petrovske.

Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko announced on November 4 that the Russian Federation was demanding the approval of a document that would be the outcome of the Normandy Four summit just before the meeting of the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated on November 11 that the date for the meeting of the Normandy Four leaders is still undefined, it is worth waiting for the completion of the disengagement of forces in the Donbass.