Census "sensationally" shows "population growth" in dying frontline cities of the "DNR" 11/07/2019 19:31:23. Total views 746. Views today — 0.

The so-called census conducted by the "DNR" occupation authorities has "showed" frankly falsified growth figures of population in the dying frontline cities of CADO compared to the 2014 year. This was reported by users of several groups on social networks, dedicated to life in the occupied territories of Donbass.

"We have compared the results of the census with the data of 2014 and were a little bit surprised… If you look, for example, at the frontline Horlivka… 254 000 people lived there at the beginning of 2014. According to the data of the "republican General Directorate of Statistics", the figure has increased to 258 000 people as of today. How can it be? A frontline city that is being bombarded every day, residents die, entire families leave, abandon their homes, abandoned villages and towns have appeared, but the population has increased?", - people are indignant in social networks.

The results of the "census" in Yasynuvata, where 35 303 people lived at the beginning of 2014, are also given as an example of falsification, and after 5 years of war, the "DNR" propagandists "drew" a figure of 43 214 people.

Residents of the uncontrolled territories criticize the propagandists of the so-called "republic" in social networks, calling the census "another profanity".

"We are no longer talking about whole districts completely abandoned in the "republic", villages where 10 people live. In fact, this is not fiction, but another profanity of our government", - the authors of the posts write.

As previously reported, the "census" involved 9 000 people, who were promised a decent by local standards salary – up to $380. On average, the census costed $3.4 million for the "republic", plus organization expenses.

As previously reported, the "DNR" leaders wanted to get complete database of how people earn money and where they get extra money from by census survey.