Prystaiko makes up "Zelensky formula" on Donbass on spot: nothing specific 09/17/2019 15:33:15. Total views 1192. Views today — 1.

The conditional "Zelensky formula" for resolving the conflict in Donbass provides for the implementation by the authorities of steps that meet the expectations of the people of Ukraine. This was stated by Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko on the air of the Freedom of Speech program, - Ukrinform reports.

There are no "Prystaiko formula" yet, there is a conditional "Zelensky formula". It says that we will take all the steps that we can take, responding to the expectations of our people first of all", - Prystaiko said.

As the minister explained, it means that Ukraine will try to release all of our fellow citizens from captivity and come into contact with our people who remained on the other side of the contact line "mentally, by messages and symbols".

In this context, Prystaiko recalled the attempt to restore the bridge in Stanytsia Luhanska. In addition, according to him, the President of Ukraine suggests that people in the occupied territories should not be re-registered every 60 days to receive a pension, but could do it once a year.

"Such steps are the basis of the conditional "Zelensky formula", at the end of which stands: if in the near future we cannot, having put together all these measures, solve the problem, we should move on to some new and other drastic measures. We have from six months to a year to do all this. "Zelensky formula" ends with a phrase that we do not have five years to continue negotiations and wake up every day and read whom the sniper shot and who died", - Prystaiko said.

At the same time, the minister noted that "Zelensky formula" did not exist in a written form - he had just formulated it, so it was not quite clear. So, according to the minister, he will need to meet with the President and "draft it up quickly".

"What game changer can be? I will tell you that the President is Supreme Commander-in-Chief. He, eventually, has no other choice but to defend to the end - this is our state, we have no other", - the Foreign Minister concluded.