Militants are preparing for the capture of Maryenka, hoping to manage it "for one day" - the ATO headquarters 02/18/2016 18:30:38. Total views 1084. Views today — 1.

Militants are bringing equipment and preparing to capture Maryenka. It is reported by the press-service of the ATO headquarters on Facebook.

"In order to capture Maryenka Russian-terrorist forces bring military equipment and personnel. According to people of Donetsk, militants are increasing the strength and bringing equipment of illegal armed groups in Petrovsky district for further use in the direction of Maryenka. Eyewitnesses inform about a large number of military equipment prohibited by the Minsk agreements,"- said the statement.

It is noted that " several MRLS "Grad" and more than 10 tanks were seen."

"Citizens say that militants and equipment are concentrated in Petrovsky district. Thus, terrorists do not hide that they are planning to capture Maryenka for the day," - reported the ATO headquarters.