Future of Ukraine is unpredictable: winner of election does not voice program of action - Bekeshkina 07/12/2019 17:14:43. Total views 887. Views today — 2.

Iryna Bekeshkina, director of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation and sociologist, called the current political situation in Ukraine the peak of the political crisis. She gave her assessment of what is happening in an interview with the Ukrainian Week.

"I think that it (political crisis - OstroV) is now at its peak. Indeed, it is not clear what will happen next. We said that the result of the election is expected to be unpredictable. Now it is already predictable, but the future (after the election - OstroV) is unpredictable", - she said.

Bekeshkina noted that there is no clear program of action from the party that is likely to have a large majority in the Rada or will be able to form the government bodies without any coalitions at all. At the same time, the sociologist believes, representatives of the potential future party in power avoid debates and precise wording.

"Because they do not want to lose possible voters. And their voter has different, often opposite views. Both in the west and in the east", - Bekeshkina noted.