Leaders of "DNR" and "LNR" promise to hand over four captured Ukrainians to Medvedchuk 06/27/2019 17:16:00. Total views 863. Views today — 0.

Head of the political council of the Opposition Platform - For Life party, godfather of the Russian president's child Viktor Medvedchuk has agreed on the release of four Ukrainians from the captivity of the "LDNR". This was reported by co-chairman of the pro-Russian party Vadim Rabinovich on his Facebook.

"It was decided to release 4 Ukrainian citizens (3 of them military personnel) held in Donetsk and Luhansk", - he wrote.

According to Rabinovich, these agreements were reached today during the direct talks between Viktor Medvedchuk and leaders of the "DNR" and "LNR", which took place in Minsk.

Vadim Rabinovich also posts a list of Ukrainians who should be released by the agreement.

According to information from the Russian media, these four people will be handed over to Viktor Medvedchuk in Minsk on Friday.

At the same time, monitoring of TV channels, which are controlled by leaders of the Opposition Platform - For Life, shows that the transfer of prisoners is part of the information campaign aimed at improving the electoral ratings of V. Medvedchuk's party.

It was the topic of prisoners that was the most topical on his information resources in recent days. The fact that Medvedchuk is engaged in the release of captives was even confirmed by Putin's quotes, who directly talked about how "Viktor Vladimirovich takes these problems to heart".

This informational action caused reaction in the network. So, even before the announcement of Medvedchuk's agreement with Pushilin and Pasechnik about the transfer of prisoners, president of the Center for Research on Donbas Social Perspectives Serhiy Harmash wrote in his FB:

"I turned on 112 Kanal in the morning. Medvedchuk tells how he fights for the release of our sailors captured by Russia. Then they give a quote of Putin who tells how Medvedchuk is concerned about prisoners and fights for their release.

Some kind of schizophrenia: Putin captured our people, and the same Putin, in the person of Medvedchuk, is fighting for their release… Putin is fighting a war in the Donbass and the same Putin, in the person of godfather of his child Medvedchuk, is fighting for peace in Ukraine…".