Saboteur blown up in Kyiv, trying to mine car of Ukrainian special services' officer - Butusov (VIDEO) 04/04/2019 15:50:30. Total views 995. Views today — 0.

A car, which was blown up today in the Holosiivskyi district of the capital, belongs to the Ukrainian special services' officer. This was reported on Facebook by editor of Tsenzor.NET Yuriy Butusov.

"A car of the Ukrainian special services' officer was blown up: the saboteur was caught in the act. The Chevrolet Aveo car belonging to the Ukrainian special services' officer, who takes an active part in the Joint Forces Operation in the Donbass, was undermined in the supermarket's parking lot at 6A Williamsa Street еoday at 2.00. The saboteur attempted to place a mine under the car, but the explosion of the improvised mine occurred prematurely. The saboteur was seriously wounded and detained", - Butusov noted.   

According to him, the Ukrainian officer was not injured.

"Investigation is underway. Obviously, the enemy was monitoring the car, most likely, acting as part of a group. This is not the first case of a car undermining committed by unknown saboteurs. But for the first time, it was possible to capture the man who had laid the mine. Perhaps, if the saboteur start talking, he will shed light on other explosions and terrorist acts that have taken place in Kyiv in recent years", - he wrote.

As previously reported, the police stated that the car exploded in the Holosiivskyi district of the capital on Thursday night.