AFU officer "returns home" to occupied Donetsk, possessing classified information – RosTV 03/25/2019 16:33:57. Total views 710. Views today — 0.

Former deputy head of the information protection service of the Donetsk regional military commissariat Yuriy Aushev has moved on to the side of the "DNR" occupation authorities. This is stated in the plot of one of the Russian TV channels.

It is noted that possessing classified information, the AFU officer calmly passed the verification of documents in the Ukrainian checkpoint and moved to the occupied territories.

The plot says that the Ukrainian command sent Yuriy Aushev to serve in Mariupol, where he received the first level of access to classified information. His family remained to live in occupied Donetsk, and the main source of its existence was the AFU serviceman's salary. Russian propagandists do not specify when the employee of the military registration and enlistment office left the service and moved to the "DNR", limiting themselves to the phrase that his contract expired.

The latest income declaration filed by him in the above position is dated 2017.

Russian journalists claim that having gone over to the side of the enemy, the traitor took with him a large collection of classified documents.

On camera, Yuriy Aushev stagedly comments on information allegedly declassified by him, the fact of existence of which was not proven in the plot.