Monday results in the occupied territories of Donbass. The highlights 03/19/2019 11:00:00. Total views 641. Views today — 0.

In the area of the Joint Forces Operation on March 18, Russian occupiers shelled the positions of our troops three times the positions of our troops, using weapons forbidden by the Minsk agreements three times. As a result of shelling, one soldier of the AFU was killed, - the press center of the JFO headquarters reported. The units that were shelled by the enemy gave an adequate fire response from standard weapons. Losses of the enemy are being specified.

More than 170 people did not pass through the line of demarcation in Donbass due to the lack of necessary documents over the past week, - the press center of the Joint Forces reported. It was noted that during the week, all checkpoints on the line of demarcation within the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts operated in a normal mode. "During this time, 261000 citizens and 32000 vehicles followed through the line of demarcation… 174 people were denied access to the line of contact due to the lack of necessary documents", - the report said.

A stray bullet, allegedly flown in from еру militants' training ground, smashed window in a car in occupied Yenakiieve. Locals write this in social networks. The incident occurred in the village of Karlo-Marksove on the Mayakovsky Street. "7.62 bullet 7.62 hit the back door, presumably, from the training ground. The bullet lost its strength and broke through the outer sheet of metal doors, having broken the glass. Kindergarten is located nearby. Schoolchildren go to school this way. It is a good thing that nobody was hurt. Who will be responsible for this?", - a local resident wrote in one of the social networks, having promulgated the corresponding video.

Garage boxes were burning in the territory of non-functioning Agricultural Professional Agrarian Lyceum in the occupied village of Rozdolne. This was reported by the "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNR". It was reported that the fire destroyed the roof and overlap on the area of 700 square meters, the roof and overlap were damaged on the area of 100 square.

The so-called "police" in Donetsk detained a 32-year-old local resident Svetlana Nefedova, who fraudulently seized citizens' money, promising to issue pensions and various documents in Ukraine. This was reported by separatist media. For a fee of $130, the woman promised the citizens to issue various documents for receiving social benefits in Ukraine, but she did not fulfill her obligations. A total of 44 applications were received. The total amount of damage caused to victims was about $6185.

The so-called "traffic police of the DNR" recognized the increase in the number of accidents involving pedestrians. This was reported by separatist media. So last weekend, one person died, another six were injured as a result of five accidents. According to the traffic police, pedestrians are more likely to get into accidents at night, as well as on routes and roads through settlements.

62 babies were born in Donetsk from March 11 to 18: 34 boys and 28 girls. This was reported by the city occupation administration.

50 babies were born in Luhansk from March 11 to 17: 34 boys and 16 girls. This was reported by the city occupation administration.