Two people killed, one wounded as a result of car bomb attack in near occupied Olenivka 02/25/2019 12:18:45. Total views 944. Views today — 0.

Two people were killed and one was wounded as a result of car bomb attack in the buffer zone in the area of occupied Olenivka. This is reported by the fake "representative office of the DNR in the JCCC".

The detonation of civilian car occurred on February 23 at 14:00 in the buffer zone in the area of the road corridor between occupied Olenivka and Ukrainian Novotroitske checkpoint.

Residents of Snizhne settlement returned from the territory of Ukraine, where they went for a pension. According to the surviving man, at the time of the accident, the driver of the vehicle pulled over the verge for overtaking, but lost the control and the car skidded.

An ambulance took the injured to the Dokuchaievsk city hospital. The man who was driving died on the spot, his mother - in the hospital. Another man received the necessary medical care, he is in the hospital in critical condition.

"The situation of explosion in Olenivka from the eyewitness whom I trust very much - a car (most likely a minibus) drove into an anti-tank mine. 100 meters from the zero orcs. Even the concrete blocks standing nearby were blown up too… the car (what was left of it) burned to the ground next to a corpse without legs", - Twitter user @Don_real_war wrote.

The photo shows that there are no roadsides on the road, only a dividing strip, where, apparently, there was a mine.