Almost 400 violators of curfew caught in CADO over weekend 02/11/2019 14:44:18. Total views 903. Views today — 0.

About 400 people were detained in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast for breaking the curfew over the past weekend. This is reported by the press service of the fake "MIA" operating in the part of the region controlled by the militants.

The curfew violators were discovered during the so-called "Night City operation". About 700 fake "policemen" were involved in the events.

394 people were detained, they were not at home in the period from 23:00 to 5:00.

About 34 thousand people who "violated" the curfew were detained over the past year.

It was earlier reported that the violators were detained until the morning for the first time. They were fingerprinted, they all were written administrative protocols. If one of them gets caught by the "police" again, he/she will be detained for fifteen days.