"Worth studying". Germany and France are interested in Sajdik plan for Donbass 02/08/2019 12:42:04. Total views 729. Views today — 0.

The so-called Sajdik plan on the peaceful settlement of conflict in the Donbass is worth studying. This was stated in an interview with European Pravda by German Ambassador Ernst Reichel and French Ambassador Isabelle Dumont.

"The idea of this document is not to replace the Minsk agreements, but to complete it. The main goal is to create conditions for the appearance of peacekeeping mission in Donbass under the auspices of the UN and OSCE. And this document does contain important ideas that will be useful for discussion when the time comes", - German ambassador to Ukraine Ernst Reichel believes.

According to the German diplomat, Martin Sajdik wrote this plan on his own initiative and presented it at the OSCE meeting in Milan last year.

French Ambassador Isabelle Dumont also believes that this plan is worth studying.

"Sajdik's proposal is really worth studying, assuming that he has always worked closely with the Normandy format and knows all the complexities of the settlement process stipulated by the Minsk agreement", - she said.

Earlier, special representative of the OSCE head in the Tripartite contact group Martin Sajdik stated in an interview with the Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung about a new plan for peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbass, which should replace the Minsk agreements and which should be approved by the Normandy Four countries - Ukraine, Russian Federation, France and Germany.

In addition to the general mission of the UN and OSCE (with military and police components and international administration in CADLO), the plan provides for the Agency for restoration of Donbass, organized by the European Union - like the one that used to be in the Balkans.

Sajdik's statement was criticized by officials in Ukraine. In particular, First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Herashchenko stated that he does not have a mandate either from the OSCE or from the Normandy Four countries to work out a "peace plan" for Ukraine.

On January 30, after the negotiations of the TCG in Minsk, the OSCE Special Representative declared his adherence to the Minsk agreements and their lack of options.