Three impacts close to OSCE patrol near Zolote – report 02/05/2019 14:44:44. Total views 1184. Views today — 1.

Three shells exploded not far from the disengagement area in the area of Zolote near the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission patrol. This was stated in the Mission's report as of February 4.

So it is reported that on 4 February, an SMM patrol consisting of five members and two armoured vehicles was positioned near a checkpoint of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, approximately 300 m north of the disengagement area near Zolote, to monitor the security situation.

Between 10:25 and 10:30, two patrol members, who were standing next to the vehicles, heard five undetermined explosions at an assessed range of 2-3 km east and south-south-east. At 10:30, having just entered the vehicles, the SMM patrol members heard three explosions assessed as impacts, and saw flames, smoke, soot and snow 70-100 m east-south-east.

The SMM patrol immediately moved about 5 km north to the eastern edge of Zolote-2 (Karbonit), where between 10:40 and 10:50, it heard an increasing number of ceasefire violations. The patrol left the area, and returned safely to its base in Sievierodonetsk. SMM notified the Ukrainian Armed Forces side of the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination and the armed formations about the incident.