Donbass intruded itself upon Russia: it is not mad about "republics" and would like to get rid of them – Prilepin 01/31/2019 12:36:43. Total views 1215. Views today — 0.

The occupied Donbass will remain under the control of Russia, although the Russian authorities are largely dissatisfied with what is happening in the "DPR/LPR". This was stated in the video comment by Russian mercenary and propagandist Zakhar Prilepin.

"Donbass is not going to be transferred to anyone yet. Of course, Russia has invested greatly in these republics in a diplomatic way, material way, and to some extent, in a military way. It would be silly and absurdly, if Russia would later (weaken its control – OstroV). Of course, this would have a scandalous effect on the reputation of our government, if it surrenders these "republics", - the former deputy commander for political affairs of the "DNR" terrorist battalion is convinced.

At the same time, he believes that the Russian authorities are very dissatisfied with what is happening in the territories they had occupied, but the Kremlin is forced to support the separatists. "Our authorities are not mad about the Donbass… Donbass just intruded itself upon our Russia – a deeply capitalist country, an oligarchic country, a country with all understandable minuses. The Donbass intruded itself, it said: "Here we are, and you will not turn away from us". And they (Russian authorities – OstroV) are forced to deal with it. Of course, if it were possible they would push it back (to the control of Ukrainian authorities – OstroV). But there is no such possibility. So far, thank God, this opportunity is not being provided.