Leader of "DNR" announces "complete mobilization" for leaders of occupation administrations so far 12/19/2018 16:18:24. Total views 717. Views today — 1.

The "DNR" leader Denis Pushilin has ordered the leaders of the occupation administrations to join the work of the so-called "public front-line areas headquarters". He reported this on Wednesday at a meeting of the so-called "ministers" and representatives of the local occupation authorities.

He once again referred to some "intelligence" data, according to which Ukraine is preparing a massive attack. As previously reported, such statements about the beginning of full-scale hostilities are heard regularly from the militants, but in all cases, the predictions of the "intelligence" turned out to be fake.

"We are facing an acute problem of the livelihood of settlements located in the front-line zone. Today, the "headquarters for the front-line areas of the DNR" is operating, but the city and district administrations should be involved in its work: the authorities must clearly monitor the needs of the population. Furthermore, we should take into account the fact that the enemy can move from provocations to large-scale hostilities at any time, our intelligence confirms it", - the terrorist leader unfoundedly stated.