CADO residents to be morally prepared for further price increases 12/19/2018 15:32:04. Total views 647. Views today — 0.

Fake "Minister of income and fees" of the "DNR" Yevgeniy Lavrenov has stated the high probability of rising meat prices in the occupied part of Donetsk oblast, - separatist media report.

"It is highly likely that prices for meat will rise", - Lavrenov stated, explaining this with the "world trend".

At the same time, he claims that the occupation authorities in CADO "are restraining the growth of grain prices on the domestic market". "But we have to meet the needs of the agricultural producer, knowing that they will need to sow in the spring. Understanding that the incomes of the population leave much to be desired, to say modestly, we cannot injure the population today with a sharp increase", - Lavrenov says.

According to the pseudo-minister, residents of the occupied territory can also expect a rise in fuel prices.

"We understand that the price of fuel in the future may increase by $0.01-0.03. The fact is that in November, we still lived according to the old purchase, which our importers paid back in October. They were given a $100 discount on the import duty, so we managed to hold the fuel prices. In case of their growth on the world market… the duty will be further reduced by $50", - Lavrenov noted.

Residents of CADO had earlier reported an increase in the prices of bread, flour and chicken meat.

It was also reported that tons of vegetables had rotted in fields in the occupied territory "due to the low level of production organization".