Basurin invents a new "offensive" of Ukrainian troops: at another time and in another place 12/17/2018 18:56:24. Total views 669. Views today — 0.

Occupation authorities of the "DNR" continue to spread panic, stating the inevitable "offensive" of the JFO units, this time in the Horlivka direction. The next scenario of the allegedly preparing offensive was voiced by one who calls himself "deputy head of the people's militia department" (the illegal armed formations of the "DNR" - OstroV) Eduard Basurin.

Having traditionally referred to the mythical data of "intelligence of the republic", the militant told about the "concentration of forces and means… in the Horlivka direction and in the area of Svitlodar arc".

According to him, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko needs a reason to extend the martial law in Ukraine ending on December 26, so it is possible that on December 24-25, the JFO units "will attempt to attack".

Earlier, with reference to all the same intelligence, the same Basurin assured that the offensive would inevitably begin in the Mariupol direction on December 14. After the offensive predictably did not start, the occupational authorities announced standard version for such cases. Allegedly, "the promulgation of plans of the Ukrainian armed forces made it possible to postpone the likely date for the intensification of hostilities in the region".