Ukrzaliznytsia is changing: an updated logo was presented 09/27/2018 18:00:12. Total views 1197. Views today — 0.

Ukrzaliznytsia presented an updated logo, - the press service of the railway reported.

The logo was presented by the head of PJSC Ukrzaliznytsia Yevhen Kravtsov, the chairman of the supervisory board of the company Shevka Adzhuner and the director of the creative agency Galagan Natalia Zakashanska. Also, the event was attended by Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Yurii Lavrenyuk.

The updated logo, according to Kravtsov, is a symbol of the company's changes. It can already be seen on the new rolling stock of wagons and locomotives.

The visual image of the company is the stylized letters "U" and "Z", as well as the locomotive, which is moving forward.

"We did not change the logo, but updated it to leave the genetic code and give a signal to customers and partners that Ukrzaliznytsya is changing. We did not spend a single hryvnia from the company's budget for its development. The logo symbolizes the movement of Ukrzaliznytsia forward, which is a symbol of the fact that Ukrzaliznytsia is the locomotive of the state. As the head of the company, together with the supervisory board, we have tasks to make the company modern. We are actively building new freight and passenger cars, we are introducing new locomotives on the routes. Now the new logo can show, for example, how much the new rolling stock has been added. The introduction of the new logo is a kind of reference point, which makes it possible to see the reality of changes in the company", - said Kravtsov.

According to the chairman of the supervisory board Shevka Adzhuner, these changes demonstrate the movement of Ukrzaliznytsia towards modernization and its focus on the client. "We want to inform that Ukrzaliznytsia is modern, strong and client-oriented", - said Shevko Adzhuner.

According to the director of the creative agency Galagan Natalia Zakashanska, the updated logo is based on the principles of minimalism. Thus, it will be more recognizable, convenient in reproduction, effective for further communication. A unique identity will also be emphasized by the corporate color, based on a blue color (indigo).

The Ukrzaliznytsia logo changes for the first time in twenty years. It will be the same for the whole company and its regional branches. Such an approach should consolidate all units, many of which previously had their own separate logos.

Reference: PJSC Ukrzaliznytsia is the main carrier of the country. Now the company provides 82% of cargo and about 50% of passenger transportations carried out by all types of transport. In terms of cargo transportation volumes, Ukrzaliznytsia takes the fourth place on the Eurasian continent, after railways of China, Russia and India.