"DNR" leader ordered to find $44 thousand for MTS (Vodafone) network every month 09/19/2018 13:10:48. Total views 1238. Views today — 2.

The "DNR" leader Denis Pushilin ordered to take the necessary measures to stabilize the work of the Ukrainian mobile operator in the occupied territories. He ordered to find $44 thousand monthly to stabilize the MTS (Vodafone) network. This was discussed at the meeting of calling themselves "members of the government of the republic", - separatist media report.

Fake head of the "Ministry of Communications" Victor Yatsenko reported to Pushilin about situation with the work of Vodafone in the uncontrolled territory of Donetsk oblast.

"For the guaranteed coverage of territory… with the Vodafone connection, the work of 211 base stations is required. Today, there are about 350 thousand subscribers of the Vodafone operator in the" republic". A monthly amount of about $44 thousand is required to compensate for the costs of the communication", - the "minister" told.

The "DNR" leader instructed him "to take comprehensive measures to stabilize the work of the Vodafone mobile operator on the territory of republic, and, if necessary, to develop an appropriate regulatory legal enactment".

As previously reported, the equipment of Kyivstar and Lifecell Ukrainian mobile operators was looted under the leadership of self-proclaimed "Minister of Communications" Viktor Yatsenko. The work of the Phoenix separatist mobile network was organized on their technical base. After the mobile communication of Vodafone (MTS) was disconnected on the entire occupied territory of Donbass on January 11, Phoenix became almost a monopolist, having increased its subscriber base to one million users. At the same time, its functionality is limited by the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast and under the conditions of users' influx, it works "half the time". MTS is currently operating in the occupied territory, but does not provide sustainable coverage.