"DNR" openly admitted that the FSB intelligence services are operating in occupied Donetsk 09/17/2018 17:38:36. Total views 784. Views today — 1.

Fake "deputies" of the so-called "people's council of the DNR" confirmed that the FSB's special services are operating in occupied Donetsk in violation of international law. In particular, two "people's representatives" informed this in a special statement.

"I and my colleagues from the People's Council welcome the decision of the leadership of the republic to ask Russian specialists for help in the investigation of Alexander Zakharchenko's assassination. At our request, specialists from the Russian special services arrived in Donetsk", - the collaborators said.

As previously reported, the Russian authorities officially declare that the occupied Donbass is part of Ukraine. Proceeding from this, the presence of representatives of the special services of Russia in this territory without agreement with Ukraine is a gross violation of international law.