Infamous ex-police officer of Kramatorsk died from the grenade’s explosion in the ATO area – Media 12/03/2015 19:24:46. Total views 1225. Views today — 0.

The former infamous police officer from Kramatorsk Alexander Levin died near Zaitsevo village from the grenade’s explosion on December 1st – reports the Obshchezhytiye website with the reference to the source.

 Nobody has officially informed about circumstances of Alexander Levin’s death. "Evil and rather biased messages of a user of online Internet portal "Kramatorsk.info" implies that the grenade exploded in the hands of Alexander Levin. However, there is information that before the grenade’s explosion the car, in which Alexander Levin was, blew up on the trip wire, three other people were injured",- said the site.

Alexander Levin was often referred to in the publications of the electronic media, which covered news about law enforcement in Kramatorsk in a negative way. In particular, Alexander Levin openly was called a "rogue cop" who "milked" businessmen and had extensive contacts not only with the criminal world but also with the family of former Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka.

Return of the Ukrainian authorities to Kramatorsk after the liberation of the city from the "DPR" and the change of executives in the local police led to the dismissal of Levin, among other police officers. However, Levin went to court with a demand to be reinstated in his job and get compensation. The public even picketed the Court of Appeal of Donetsk region in regard to this issue. However, the court made a decision in favour of the plaintiff.

According to the website, then Levin went to serve in the battalion of Dmitry Krasilnikov through the military commissariat of Konstantinovka.