22 Russian prisoners asked Putin to exchange them for Ukrainians - Denisova 08/17/2018 15:18:04. Total views 865. Views today — 2.

Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Lyudmila Denisova has already received 22 statements from Russian prisoners addressing the Russian president with the request to return them to Russian territory through exchange for one of the Ukrainian political prisoners. This is reported by the official website of the Commissioner.

The report notes that representatives of the Human Rights Commissioner received the above statements for the Russian president on August 16 from Ruslan Gadzhiyev, Igor Kimakovskiy (Bakhmut penitentiary institution No.6), Yevgeniy Mefedov (Mykolaiv pre-trial detention center).

Statements from five prisoners were received from the Mariupol pre-trial detention center - Pavel Chernykh, Anatoliy Busygin, Alexeyi Shibayev, Sergey Yegorov and Olga Kovalis. Two more letters were written by Vasiliy Kusakin and (Dnipro penitentiary institution No.4) and Murat Dzhimiyev (Kyiv pre-trial detention center). Later, a letter was also received from Valeriy Gratov (Dnipro penitentiary institution No.4).

The report recalls that on August 14, during a monitoring visit to the Lukianivka pre-trial detention center in Kyiv, Denisova met with Alexander Sattarov and Farukh Kamalov, who wrote statements to the Russian president for the exchange. Earlier, such a statement was filed by Russian citizen Alexey Sedikov, who is serving a prison term for terrorism in the Bucha penal colony.

In addition. on August 15, the Ombudsman received applications from Viacheslav Vysotskiy (Cherkasy penal colony No.62), Valeriy Ivanov and Alexander Valekhidis (Drohobych penal colony No.40) , Vladislav Grechin (Odesa penitentiary institution No 21), Viktor Agieyev (Romny penal colony No.56), Oleg Doronin (Horodyshche penal colony No.96), Denis Sidorov and Yevgeniy Shatalov (Zhytomyr penitentiary institution No.8).

All these 22 statements will be sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine to the Russian presidential administration by diplomatic mail, - the report said.

The report also recalls that Commissioner Denisova noted that Ukraine had long initiated an exchange and submitted respective lists to the RussianFederation. However, there is still no response from Russia's representative in the Trilateral Contact Group Boris Gryzlov and Russian Commissioner for Human Rights Tatyana Moskalkova, to whom letters on a possible exchange were sent on July 5.