There are a lot of Russian servicemen and military equipment - an eyewitness told how Russia is preparing the militants for a "steep turn" 08/13/2018 17:43:47. Total views 1090. Views today — 0.

Illegal military formations of the "LNR" have received from Russia a considerable quantity of military equipment and the Russian officers as commanders. An active supporter of the "republic" Nikolai Vulich wrote about this in social networks.

According to him, "the Russian specialists have recently arrived and brought drones - the eyes of our army intelligence". In addition, they got new batch of "thermal imagers".

To ensure the discipline in the ranks of the "LNR", according to Vulich, Russian officers were seconded to the occupied territories.

"A group of Russian servicemen has arrived to Luhansk to strengthen the average command staff, which is necessary, given the decline in the authority of the local command staff... Russian military approach to discipline is very strict, and our local people are a bit soft on this issue”, - he writes.

"There are a lot of Russian military equipment and servicemen. Yesterday a very serious order came from Moscow. Everybody does their utmost. They say that it is necessary to prepare for a very steep turn of events", - Vulich says.